Travis, Code Climate, BuildCoint – ideas for better quality


Travis is a younger brother of Jenkins. Its a distributed build system for the open source community.
From may 2012 ( after fixing issue 242) its also avalible for your organization repositories (if you have admin rights).
You can connect it to you github project using service hooks.


Code Climate is service providing software metrics for Ruby apps. Since Jul 10th, 2012 it became free for Open Source project. It offers realtime metrics, activity feeds and email reports.

Since its free I added one of my first ruby project repository to see some metrics:

So metrics on current state of project for all classes was A. Code climate discovered one code smell: “Complex method” for one of methods. Beside this its showing LOC, code duplicates and some other metrics.

Code climate supports badges like travis. On project page there are snippets make it easy to add a link to Code Climate from your README.


And last is most interesting project named: BuildCoin.
As their page says its: “The Ultimate CI Game”. Project is in beta mode still and i am waiting for invitation code. The idea is quite simple: platform offers real-time dashboard and based on it you can setup some bonus games.
I imagine it would be something like: 100 coins for team if all major bugs will be fixed till the end of month.
Or 50 coins for improving code coverage to 80%. I think that after some practise with bonus systems its possible to develop some nice motivational bonus system for developers and have a lot of fun from daily jobs.


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