Unit testing with Spock in Intellij Idea

Recently i have stared to learn Grails for my new project. For unit testing I use Spock. Unfortuantelly it turns out that test classes generated from Grails are using Junit by default.
Untill I find way to make Grails generate test with Spock template I have created file templates and live templates for Idea for generating test classes and test methods for Spock.

Spock Contoller Test File Template

#if (${PACKAGE_NAME} != "")package ${PACKAGE_NAME};#end

import grails.plugin.spock.ExtendedControllerSpec

#parse("File Header.java")
class ${NAME} extends ExtendedControllerSpec{


Spock Unit Test File Template

#if (${PACKAGE_NAME} != "")package ${PACKAGE_NAME};#end

import grails.plugin.spock.UnitSpec

#parse("File Header.java")
class ${NAME} extends UnitSpec{


Live template for given-when-then test method

def "$NAME$"(){



Live template for expect-where test method

def "$NAME$"(){


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