Failure publishing Play modules

Today i found interesting module for my Play application on git-hub.
Unfortunately it was not published on modules repository (I didn’t know the reason).
So i forked it and made some changes (i hope that it was an improvement).
Then i wanted to use it in my app so i wanted to publish it in play modules repository.
And this is what i found about sharing modules in play repository for 1.2.4 version:

Share module in Play

“First you need to have an OpenID.
Then you have to send module registration request on the Google Group.
Then you can release your module
And then log in to module repository and upload the generated package”

Damm, now i know why creator of this module didn’t share it at first place. More detailed instruction available here

Share gem in ruby
Compare all of this tasks to rubygems one line way of publishing your gem:

gem push foo-1.0.0.gem


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