Some thoughts after Agile By Example 2012

Last week I attended Agile By Example conference in Warsaw.
There are some notes about presentations that i found very interesting.

Great teams are grown, not hired

Inspiring presentation from Roy Osherove about role of team leader in agile teams.
How to take a risk and put your self and your team out of comfort zones to raise team to productive state.
He presented three steps in team can be and how to evolve your team to Self Organizing Phase.

Take a look at his blog and his book is avalible on lintpub.

Impact Mapping

Another good speech by Marc Löffler was about impact mapping technique.
Very useful and convenient way to specify you requirements to meet specific business goal.
Helps you to concentrate on features that will be most useful for you project to achieve your goal.
He was recommending this book by Gojko Adzic.

Distributed teams

In block about distributed teams Jamie Allsop and Roger Dahlen where giving examples what benefits has working in distributed teams.
Variety of culture and working environments and diversity was contributing a lot of value to project.
People sitting together in same space tend to have same opinions and same behavior whereas with distributed team you have individuals with unique way of thinking and doing things.
The final conclusion was that you can use fact of distribution to make better team and in emulating Distribution with Co-located teams can be also useful


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